Drama as woman produces panties in court – she caught her Husband cheating


A HARARE woman told the court that she caught her husband between the sheets with another woman before taking her panties.

She produced the woman’s pant in court as exhibit to substantiate her notice of opposition against the woman in question’s application for peace order against her.

Polite Cheura appeared before magistrate Yeukai Dzuda on accusations of verbal abuse against her husband’s girlfriend Nyasha Madziro but she then produced Nyasha’s pant in court to support her application.

“Your worship I caught Nyasha red handed having sexual intercourse with my husband at my place of residence and I took her pant which I have here with me and she took my wrapper (Zambia) as well.“I told her that I will return her pant if she gives me back my wrapper.

“I am actually surprised that she has applied for a peace order against me because I have never insulted her, called her or visited her work place to insult her,” she said.

Polite further told the court that Nyasha is the one who always visit her place of residence in her absence and she tried to solve the dispute with Nyasha amicably but her efforts were all in vain.

“I tried to solve this matter with Nyasha with the assistance of her boss but all my efforts were fruitless.

“I moved out of my house to stay with my sister for a while but now each time I go to my house she will be there so I do not know if this peace she is seeking is for hindering me from going to my house.

“I also deny the allegations that I published her on H-Metro because I have no control over media,” she said.

Nyasha remained unshaken on seeking for peace order and she told the court that she has evidence to prove that Polite abuses her.

“I have evidence to prove that this woman used to call me and send me messages but it is unfortunate that the phone which contains the evidence was taken by the owner,” she said.Magistrate Dzuda granted the application for peace order in favour of Nyasha.