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Drama as mother humiliates her son in public over his choice of wife




That some mothers and their daughters-in-law have distaste for each other is no secret. A shameful incident took place in Bahati area on the outskirts of Nakuru Town after an angry mother-in-law publicly shamed his son by reading him the Riot Act over his marriage to a single mother.

The seemingly meddlesome mother-in-law could not stand her son, a driver in Nakuru town, settling down with a single mother of two.

She chose to express her unhappiness and disapproval of the marriage rather robustly in a free-for-all drama that left locals in utter shock and disbelief.

Initially, the unidentified mother-in-law is said to have feigned happiness when her son introduced his wife-to-be to her.

She, however, had her own reservations, but kept them to herself. But as time went by and after the son, only identified as Kamau, revealed to her that his wife was actually a single mother of two boys, things began getting thick.

Much later, the duo nevertheless settled down, with the mother-in-law, who happens to be a widow, grudgingly blessing the marriage.

But as time went by, the woman’s resentment for her daughter-in-law and her children grew into full-blown hate, and she could no longer stand them.

A fortnight ago, the mother-in-law summoned his son to her house for a chat. The young man, believed to be in his late twenties, had no clue about the drama that awaited him.

Upon arriving at the plot where his mother lives, he was welcomed with a tongue-lashing. His mother engaged him in a protracted verbal war, loudly questioning his choice of wife.

The angry mother-in-law is said to have scoffed at his son’s choice of wife, loudly wondering why he had to settle for a woman with children, more so boys, when there are many single women around whom he would have married.

A neighbour, who was among the shocked crowd that milled the around as the woman admonished his son, reveals that the woman threatened to disown his son if he would not heed advise to separate from the woman pronto.

The circus went on for a while before it spiraled out of control and turned into a shouting match, with the son defending his wife. Sources within the compound say the argument did not end well.

The young man stormed out of the house in a huff, seething with fury as his mother yelled at him, threatening to curse him.

Meanwhile, neighbours watched in disbelief, pitying the young man. It is not know what went on after the ugly incident, but the relationship between the elderly woman and her son is said to have deteriorated and he has eventually separated from the single mother.


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