He was arrested in court – after he confessed to having se_xual intercourse with a 15-year-old girl


A 35-year-old Zimunya man got more than he expected at the Mutare Civil Courts on Monday, after a magistrate ordered his arrest in court after he confessed to having se_xual intercourse with a 15-year-old girl who is now his wife.

Talkmore Chitakatira, a builder in Chigodora area, appeared before Miss Nyasha Kuture facing insult and assault allegations from Norest Datira Tsungai.

Datira was seeking protection against the suspect whom she said was refusing to let go her daughter.

The applicant pleaded for the court’s intervention to get back her 15-year-old daughter whom Chitakatira was bedding since January 4 this year.

She told the court that she has had enough of Chitakatira’s visits, assaults and insults because of her daughter.



He has been having se_xual intercourse with my 15-year-old daughter since January 2016. My daughter then told me that he was raping her and now he is coming to my place with a knife at night, threatening to kill me.

“We have no peace and I visited the courts to get a protection order on December 28 but he continued coming and on January 4 this year he forcibly took my daughter to his place where he is making her a wife. I want my daughter back but he is refusing with her. She is still too young Your Worship,” said Datira.

The seemingly unremorseful Chitakatira did not dispute the allegations that were being levelled against him.

He told the court that he wanted to marry the girl and it was by her consent that she left her mother’s place to stay with him.

“I am in love with this girl and I want to marry her. It is true what she is saying. They have been baring me to see my love and I had no other option but to confront them the way I did.

“I have been having se_x with her since February last year but this year we haven’t done anything. This is not the first time she is staying at my place,” he said.

Miss Kuture ordered the police to arrest him at once.

Source-Manica Post