Divorce settlement proves costly for Harare man after being ordered to pay $1000 monthly


A city woman has claimed that the collapse of her marriage has resulted in her husband’s negative attitude towards their minor children.

Plaxedes Taruvinga said Shakespeare Nyamadzawo is taking up his anger towards her on their children by trying to pay less for their upkeep.

She revealed this at the civil court where Nyamadzawo sought for a maintenance downward variation from $1 700 to $100 she termed his $100 offer for the two children’s upkeep as a mockery.

“We are currently going through a divorce and I am the one who is divorcing him so he is bitter. All that he is doing is trying to get to me but he is hurting the children instead. He is no longer employed but I know that we are moneyed. He can afford to pay $1 700 monthly for the children’s upkeep. Offering $100 is nothing but a mockery.

“I can settle for at least $1 500 because we have other businesses. He is always travelling on business and he is making money. I had gathered evidence of the businesses but he broke into my bedroom and stole all the evidence I had. I reported the matter to the police. He is not capable of paying anything on his own. He has to be forced to pay bills or even school fees. I would prefer it if he gives me the money so that I pay everything on my own,” said Taruvinga.


Nyamadzawo told the magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa that he was failing to pay $1 700 monthly since he is no longer employed. He sought a downward variation of maintenance from $1 700 to $100.

“My circumstances have changed in that I am no longer employed. I am offering $100 for both children. I have no other source of income. I am currently paying everything including the food that the respondent has eaten for breakfast. I do not know what she wants to use the money for because I take care of my children.

“I do not know anything about the businesses she is talking about. I was surviving from my job but since I was sacked I have no other means to earn a living. Apart from my children and also take care of my mother. I want to transfer my children from the school they’re currently at because it is expensive and I can no longer afford the school fees,” argued Nyamadzawo.

Gofa granted Nyamadzawo’s application by varying the maintenance from $1 700 to $1 025 starting end of this month.

Source-H Metro