Date set for trial of Mutsvangwa’s son on ra-pe charges


Harare regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya yesterday set a trial date for former War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa’s son, Neville, who is accused of raping a 43-year-old woman. The trial will commence on September 19

Neville, 36, is facing two counts of aggravated indecent assault and one for rape after he allegedly forced himself on the menstruating woman at his offices in the Avenues.

He is currently out on $50 bail.

The woman was not available to be advised of the trial date yesterday but prosecutor Sabastian Mutizirwa notified the court that she would be subpoenaed.

According to court records, Neville and the complainant regularly played casino together at Borrowdale Race Course.


On August 9, at around 4am, Mutizirwa alleged, the complainant was offered a lift into town by Neville.

When they arrived near Harare Sports Club, Neville diverted the route and drove to 3 San-Fernando along Fifth Street.

He opened the gate using a remote and parked his car inside before inviting the woman to his office.

It was alleged that the woman asked to use the toilet and Neville directed her before she began indicating that she wanted to leave.

The court heard that Neville told the woman to come into his office and surprisingly, she found him naked before he reportedly told the woman that he had been admiring her for a long time and wanted to have sex with her.

The woman refused and Neville grabbed her by the neck before forcing her to kneel on the floor.

The court heard that Neville then forced the lady to give him a blow job before forcing her to undress.

It was alleged that Neville then wore a condom before forcing himself on the woman.

After the act, he allegedly noticed that the woman was menstruating.

He allegedly removed the condom before forcing her to give him a blow job again.

The woman reportedly went to the toilet to wash her mouth before returning to Neville’s car, who drove her to Msasa.

When the two arrived at Msasa shops, the woman told Neville that she wanted to go to Joina City in town and was driven there.

Neville then offered the woman $20 but she refused and left his car heading towards Harare Central Police Station. She filed a report against Neville before she was referred for medical examination