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Dancehall artists speak out-Skimbo deserved what he got




Chillspot family said although they do not condone violence, Skimbo to some extend deserved the harsh treatment. They said Skimbo is enjoying the sympathy from people who do not know much about him, saying he is not actually a saint as he wants to portray himself. Skimbo allegedly peddled claims that Chillspot Records had stolen a riddim. Dj Fantan said Skimbo is not a comedian but a failed musician who vents his frustration of failure on other artistes. Fantan said Skimbo is on a quest to cause confusion in Zimdancehall.


“He is not a comedian or entertainer as he claims. He is a failed musician who holds some personal grudges with some artistes. His line up does not change, it’s either he is dissing Winky D,Seh Calaz,Soul Jah Love or Squanda and he once said Chillspot yakaba riddim,” he said. “He is actually lucky that he got a beating from a lady had it been men it would have been something else,” he said. “We would not encourage violence but this guy needs boundaries. Haangati munhu akaramba mukadzi akaroora hure, you cant call someone’s wife a prostitute. He once said someone akaroora gudo”.

Skimbo once took a dig at singer Jay C actor as the singer is known said this whole scenario has worked to his advantage. “Arikutsvaga kuziikanwa, zvatodzora kuside kwake. We don’t have time for him. All that time when he was taking about me, I was busy working on my album, ngaatere ozotaura futi kuti ndapera,” he said. Zimdancehall music promoter Boss Werras said they do not condone violence and that Squanda should apologize not only to Skimbo but the nation at large.

She just need to come up in the open and apologize. I was disappointed and embarrassed by the whole action. We all know Skimbo and when the Werras riddim was done he claimed it was a stolen riddim from Jamaica. I think there should be someone to knock some sense into him that some people do not appreciate his jokes, but it shoukd not resort to violence,” he said. Skimbo insists that they is truth in everything he says in his skits.

“Everything that I say has proof but people will always have something to say. When I said they (Chillspot) stole a riddim. I put the other version of the riddim for people to judge. In as far as Seh Calaz issue is concerned, I do not remember calling his woman a prostitute but people will inflate these things. There were threats thereafter,” he said.

Asked to respond to the Soul Jah Love, Bounty Lisa relationships, Skimbo said. “I have done a lot of comedy touching on almost all artistes. But I have never spoken about issues involving child-bearing. It is the work of haters who spread falsehoods”.

Responding to Oskido’s facebook post, Skimbo said he has never had an encounter with him. “Munhu anenge achida kutamba nesu but handitabe naye. Handisati ndambotaura naye,’ he said.

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