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Couple causes stir after confessing to bedding entire village using mubobobo




A Goromonzi couple has been ordered to look for alternative village to stay following their confession that they bedded several villagers using mubobo. Taurai Muponda, 56, along with his wife Eunar Ndabalanga, 46, stunned villagers yesterday when they appeared before headman Rodius Kufandada Musonza confessing that they killed 38 people and engaged in se_xual intercourse with several men and women using mubobo. Muponda told the court that they had several se_x sessions with Moreen Munhundiripo without her knowledge using mubobo and many others in the village.

“I confess to having se_x with Moreen and other women in the village using mubobo but honestly speaking this is not my fault,” said Muponda. “It is a spirit that is in me and my aunt is the one who gave me the charm that I enjoy having se_x with any woman I admire and whenever that spirit possesses me I cannot control the feelings. If this court can help me find anyone who has powers to deliver me from this spirit I would be thankful since I do not like it. I am aware that my wife use the charm as well but I did not know it when we got married in 2007 following the death of her husband. I enjoy se_x through this charm and I rarely have se_x with my wife that is why we do not have a child since we got married,” said Muponda.



Eunar disclosed that she is responsible for the death of 38 people who include her relative and has powers to attract men for se_x using mubobo wechikadzi. “Ndinorara nevarume vakasiyana-siyana husiku vasingazive, ndinonzwa izwi rinondishevedza ndobuda pakati peusiku, ndinosimbiswa nenmushonga kuti ndisaedzerwe kudzimba dzevanhu,” said Eunar leaving the gallery in disbelief.

“Muponda is my fifth husband and the other four died because of that spirit which I got from one of my relatives who passed away long ago. I don’t like the spirit that is why I joined apostolic faith church ‘Nyenyedzi nomwe yenguwo tsvuku’ to look for deliverance. If there is anyone with powers to deliver me from this I am prepared to let it go since it has caused me untold suffering in my life. We are ever at each other’s throat with my husband that you can really not tell who is the man is when it comes to fighting when he wants his conjugal rights,” said Eunar

In his ruling, headman Musonza ordered the couple to look for an alternative place to stay saying the villagers are up against their evil acts and promised them to help in finding people who can deliver them from the evil spirits. “This court heard that you were not forced by anyone to confess that you use charms that can kill people as well as charms that allow both of you to have se_x with villagers without their consent,” said headman Musonza. “You have told this court that you have the charms and because of what you have told this honorable court, it is in everyone’s best interest that you look for an alternative place to stay. I am reliably informed that you relocated to this village following the same issue with the village head where you used to stay,” said the headman Musonza not giving them a dead line to leave the village.

Muponda and Eunar told H-Metro after the ruling that they have nowhere to go and appealed to members of the public if there is anyone prepared to deliver them from evil spirits. “I came from Mutare but honestly, I have nowhere to go and I don’t know when I will leave Goromonzi following this ruling. The unfortunate thing is that the ruling came by the time I am not in good books with my wife following this case,” said Muponda.

Villagers who came in their numbers, expressed joy after headman gave the judgment saying they were prepared to bay for the couple’s blood if the headman had allowed them to stay. “Varume vedu varikupedzwa samba nechembere iyi ichiita mubobo nevarume vedu, hatigare nevanhu vakadaro uku matare anoramba kuti kune huroyi ivo vanhu vachibvuma zvakadai pamatare,” said one of the villagers.


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