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Couple caught having s*x in toilet during family function




A couple kept pressed villagers waiting as they made love in a toilet during a night vigil at a village in Murang’a County.

When it became apparent to the hosts that whoever was in the toilet was taking an eternity to conclude a rather long call of nature while the pastor stood outside impatiently, they stormed inside and found the amorous pair pants down.

The man identified as Kihuho and his fiancée live in Nairobi and had accompanied a friend to his rural home for a cleansing ceremony.toilet

The ceremony, led by the clergy of a local church on Saturday last week, was called following a series of misfortunes that had befallen the family. Kihuho and his lover instantly earned the respect and admiration of the villagers because of the way they easily fit into the village life as well as their decent dressing.

Together with the host family’s third-born son, they arrived at the village on Wednesday at midday and got down to work, assisting in preparations for the big day.

Come night, they were each allocated separate rooms, since it was understood that they were not man and wife yet.

The couple hady participated in the day’s activities just like the other people, and when the last-born son in the family beckoned Kihuho to his hut for a drink of muratina (local brew), he went together with his fiancée.

“It’s long since I last tasted muratina. One cannot easily find pure muratina in Nairobi. This one has a distinctive, sweet taste compared to the hard stuff that we get in the city,” Kihuho said and offered his cup to the fiancée who sipped cautiously.

The ceremony progressed well with mostly women, children and church members and a few men actively participating. The bulk of the men would loiter around but mostly in the direction of the hut where the muratina was being kept for a sip of the brew.

Towards the evening, people visiting the toilet found it locked from inside and after waiting for a while, most decided to relieve themselves in the nearest bushes.

This went on until the lead pastor decided to use the toilet. They found it still occupied and waited for a while as they chatted.

Ten minutes later, a few concerned elders reasoned that whoever was inside had either fainted or was up to no good.

They used a hammer to break into the toilet, only to find a drunken couple inside sweating out in ecstasy.

Confused, Kihuho and his fiancée whimpered in terror while those outside stood aghast in shock.

The discovery created confusion as Kihuho and his girlfriend ran into the maize plantation for fear of being beaten up.

They called their friend to apologise, blaming it all on the alcohol and a long period of separation.

The cleansing ceremony was almost called off, but a crisis meeting resolved that the toilet, too, be cleansed.

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