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Clinic closed as goblins terrorise nurses patients




THE Ministry of Health and Child Care has shut down Vulindlela Clinic in Bulilima District following reports of goblins that are terrorising nursing staff and patients at the clinic.

The goblins allegedly had sex with nurses and patients and also vandalised property at the clinic. The problem is alleged to have started four months ago.

A delegation comprising Bulilima District Administrator Mrs Ethel Moyo and Ministry of Health and Child Care officials stationed in Plumtree travelled to the clinic yesterday to announce the Ministry’s directive to close the clinic.

Nursing staff at the clinic, which is located in Vulindlela Ward, vacated the premises yesterday and removed some of the clinic’s equipment.

Villagers from four wards in the district have been relying on the clinic for medical assistance.

Some patients were turned back after being told that the clinic had been closed down.

Mrs Moyo said the clinic was not operating with effect from yesterday and efforts would be made to have it re-opened soon.

The clinic’s closure follows a report that was submitted to the Ministry of Health recently by Vulindlela Clinic nurse in charge, Mrs Sandra Danger, on the goblins’ attacks in June.

She said the goblins would make strange noises at night and the staff were now afraid to attend to patients.

Mrs Danger said women admitted at the clinic were constantly fleeing to nurses’ homes to seek refuge from the goblins.

She said a patient recently reported to have heard footsteps and felt something sleeping on top of her.

We have received communication from the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Child Care ordering us to shut down the clinic and to transfer nurses to other clinics. This directive was passed to our office on Friday. The nurses will be deployed to Ndiweni, Nswazi and Dombodema clinics.

“The reason for this decision is the constant attacks by goblins which are being experienced by nursing staff and female patients admitted at the clinic,” said a Plumtree District Hospital official who delivered the news to Vulindlela Ward community members who were gathered at the clinic.

The official, who declined to be named, said they had received numerous reports of attacks and in a recent incident, a woman who had just given birth was forced to flee from the clinic at night after she was attacked by the goblins.

He said home deliveries were now on the increase in the area as women were now reluctant to visit the clinic because of the attacks.

A general hand who works at the clinic, Mrs Sibonisiwe Moyo, said the goblins targeted female staff members whose houses were close to the clinic as well as patients staying in the waiting mothers’ shelter. “The goblins once visited my house and they were knocking on the door and windows and I could hear footsteps around the house. I spent that entire night awake. We do not see them but they will be wreaking havoc.

“Expecting mothers who come to the clinic wake up in the middle of the night screaming and shouting because of the attacks. Sometimes women wake up wet showing signs that they would have had sexual encounters at night,” said Mrs Moyo.

Vulindlela Clinic Primary Counsellor Mr Carnisus Ndlovu said the goblins recently invaded his house and overturned all his food items and banged his pots.

The area’s village head, Mr Foreman Sibanda, said various churches recently converged at the clinic and conducted an all night prayer to chase away the goblins but the problem only worsened.

He regretted the closure of the clinic, saying several villagers from the area relied on the health facility.

Mr Sibanda said various government workers who include Veterinary officers, Agritex and Zinwa officers were also affected as their houses were situated close to the clinic.

He said some of the officers had since fled from the area because of the goblin attacks.

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