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Mzansi Stars

Clement Maosa – Being a villager almost ruined my happiness for life

Actor and muso Clement Maosa is tired of his “villager” mentality and has vowed to enjoy the finer things in life. Clement took to Instagram recently and explained that for the longest time he couldn’t accept “pampering” himself because he felt it was a waste of money.

Clement Maosa

The actor, who plays Kwaito in Skeem Saam, said he was taking a stance on happiness and not looking back.

Clement Maosa

“I couldn’t accept the kind of treats because I thought it was a waste of money but ke silana manje (we are here now) no looking back. We all know what happened to Lot’s wife!

Clement Maosa

Months ago, Clement encouraged the youth of Mzansi to start working for things they wanted

The actor is trying to uplift young people from difficult economic situations in disadvantaged communities.

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