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Civil servants to go on STRIKE until they get PAID



civil servants

Zimbabwe Government and its restive workers failed to find each other after four hours of intense discussions, with civil servants demanding the State reverse its decision to delay their June salaries by two weeks or else they will “naturally strike”.

Public Service minister Prisca Mupfumira told NewsDay last night that both parties agreed to go and consult their principals over the proposal to delay the June salaries by two weeks, as the State battles to fund its operations due to shrinking revenue.

“We agreed to meet again next Monday to allow for consultations between the two parties,” she said.

“We made our proposal as government and they made their demands, which we are going to look at.

“We also agreed to be meeting quarterly so that we could be updating each other on the state of the economy and how to navigate through.
“We proposed that we will no longer shift pay dates starting July.”

Apex council chairperson, Cecilia Alexander said workers stuck to their demands that its employer, represented by Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa, Mupfumira, Health minister David Parirenyatwa and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, John Mangudya should not shift their pay dates, demanding their salaries be paid on time as expected.

Addressing the Press after the meeting, Alexander said civil servants will not accept the proposed pay dates shift, as government failed to explain how its workers would be expected to report for duty on days they would have not been paid.

“As civil servants, we still stick to our position that pay dates should not be shifted,” she said.

“We advise the government that the Apex Council will not be responsible for the workers’ reaction to this attack on their livelihoods if all government workers do not receive their salaries by the traditional dates.”


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