Chinese man robbed of $10k he was keeping at home


A CHINESE man based in Bulawayo allegedly lost $10 000 to armed robbers who pounced on him at his house early yesterday morning.

The robbers allegedly tied up his driver and force-marched the man into his bedroom, where they demanded cash, few minutes after midnight.

Sources close to the incident said three robbers armed with knives attacked Mr Jian Zhong (26) soon after arrival at his home in Hillside suburb from the city centre.

It is suspected the trio followed Mr Jian from a casino in the Central Business District where he had been earlier spotted flashing cash.

“He was flashing large sums of money at a casino in town. We suspect these robbers followed him from the casino to his house,” said the source.

The house at which a Chineese national was robbed in Hillside, Bulawayo.

When The Chronicle news crew caught up with Mr Jian at his house yesterday, he said he could not comment for security reasons.

“I’m not comfortable talking to the media. No cameras, sorry I can’t help,” he said.The source said Mr Jian left the casino with his driver at around midnight.

“When they arrived at the gate, Mr Jian got out of the car to open the gate. As he was opening the gate, a car suddenly appeared, parking right behind their vehicle, blocking the way.

“Three men disembarked from the vehicle and one of them went straight to Mr Jian who was still opening the gate. The man held a knife to his ribs and ordered him to move into the house while demanding cash,” said the source.

While one of the robbers was busy with Mr Jian, said the source, one of them confronted his driver and ordered him to switch off the engine

“The driver complied and the other robber brought a piece of wire which the two used to tie the driver’s hands,” said the source.

The source said one robber remained guarding the driver while the other two robbers force-marched Mr Jian into his bedroom and threatened to stab him if he did not hand over the cash.

“Mr Jian opened a safe where he took out $10 000 and handed it over to the robbers.

“The robbers immediately left the house, got into their vehicle and sped off,” the source said.

“Mr Jian woke up one of his maid’s sons and told him what had just happened. The two went to the gate where the driver was still seated in the parked car and they untied him.

Mr Jian reported the robbery at Kumalo Police Base.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango could not be reached for comment.

Insp Simango is on record urging individuals and business people to avoid keeping large amounts of cash at their homes or business premises.