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Chihure muJoburg Part 1 – How it all started




How are you my name is Jocy and you might remember me from my stories of how i cheated with my sister’s husband. Like i promised i will continue to share my stories but in a different title now. Pandakasvirwa naBamkuru vangu and his work friend, my life changed, i was not shy anymore and i was full of confidence.

This story is very long and i will try share one here every week so please subscribe to get latest updates… Now back to the story… After ndanakirwa nemboro yeBamkuru, i realised that i can actually make money from kuhura muJozi seeing that people are not afraid to pay for my services. Let me start by sharing a picture of my nice big ASSets…

Right client number 1 was my Bamkuru he gave me a plan to lie to my sister that i got a job so i can move out to accommodate my other clients. So i got a room in Killarney is a 3 bedroom flat where i was sharing with this couple. I wanted my job to be very secretive and exclusive to rich men so my hangouts turned to be in Sandton and Rosebank.

To those vanoda zvesviro too much i am afraid this part basically explains how i started into this trade and if i am not lazy i will split the story to 20 parts so bear with me…. So there i was staying alone and looking to make lots of money. My Bamkuru was so helpful he took me for some more shopping and bought me a nice bed and i promised i would pay it back but he said he was doing me a favour and i will pay him back in kind. So much to say he was the first person kundisvira panew bed. He was not gentle he was like a man possessed and he seemed like he had a point to prove. When i asked him later he said… “that comes with the job” I understood what he meant, he was training me for the months to come….

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