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Chew this plant and propose love to any woman, she will say ‘YES’




From a distance it looks like any other veld plant. But the locals claim the plant does wonders for them – especially the men!

They said the sweet plant – which they call molomo monate – was discovered by their ancestors in the Ga-Seleka area outside Lephalale in Limpopo.

Locals said only the small shrub’s roots are chewed, and once a man has chewed and swallowed the sweet juice, women can’t say no if he asks for love!

Kautloa Mocheko (63) said: “The tree is well known as a ‘ways opener’– it makes people like you.

“As for women, this muthi is even worse. You attract girls by just opening your mouth and speaking to them,” he said



Tribal councillor Fanie Giba (69) said the sweet plant can help you to be loved and favoured when you speak to people.

“Even if you are fighting with your wife or husband, you just come to get a piece of it. And whenever you start speaking to your lover when you arrive home, it will be all smiles and tears of joy!” he said.

They said digging the plant from the soil was easy as the surface around it was always wet, making it easy to pull out its roots.

Chief Phetolo Seleka said he felt blessed because the plant brings peace. He added that he wasn’t surprised to see everybody in his community living in harmony.

“The tree is sweet and helps to bring reconciliation between two people and even makes them fall in love,” the chief said. Daily Sun


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