Chaos in parliament as police accused of fondling female MPs


There was unprecedented drama when police stormed parliament on Wednesday to eject a Movement for Democratic Change (MDC­T) legislator, Costa Machingauta who was wearing a jacket with national colours

The speaker of parliament has prohibited draping the flag or clothes with national colours. The national flag became a symbol of resistance against President Robert Mugabe’s government following protests by a now self­exiled pastor, Evan Mawarire, who campaigned against poor governance using his #ThisFlag lobby. Machingauta was ordered out of parliament but stood his ground, insisting there was nothing untoward wearing a jacket with national colours.


The sergeant­at­arms was called in with parliament security but the young lawmaker would not budge. More drama came when the police were summoned and attempted to drag Machingauta out. Fellow opposition legislators broke into a protest against the presence of the police in the house. Some female legislators claimed that police details fondled their breasts and behinds. By 1530 hours, opposition MPS were trooping out of the house in protest.