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Chaos in FAMILY after DAUGHTER is MARRIED OFF to GOBLIN or Chikwambo




A Masvingo family vowed that it will do anything for a person who will destroy the goblin which they married off to their daughter as they no longer want anything to do with it. This comes after the father and daughter’s relationship almost collapsed as she sought a protection order after discovering that her father had married her off to a goblin.

Joshua Halata threw spanners whenever his daughter got married because his daughter, Molester Halata was not supposed to get married. It is reported that Molester’s three marriages failed as all her previous husbands suffered erectile dysfunction after marrying her and she frequently fell sick leading to her being sent back to her parents.

Frustrated by the situation, Molester sought help from other family members, but they failed to solve her problem. She then decided to apply for a protection order against her father for their ties to be cut. After the daughter was granted the protection order, Halata realised he was in trouble and therefore reportedly called for a family meeting where he came clean on the issue.

“I had suffered enough and was left with no choice, but to end my relationship with my parents especially my father because he sacrificed me to a goblin. “The courts ordered him to stay away from me and it is when he started having difficult times with the goblin. “He called for a family meeting and confessed that he had married me to a goblin and now that I was not staying at his homestead, it was threatening him with death,” said Molester.


She revealed that the family was now hunting for a traditional healer to save them as they feared for their lives. “My father said if nothing is done to destroy the goblin, it would either kill him first and then me and then the rest of the family members. “He refused to disclose where he got it and just insisted that the family hunts for a powerful traditional healer,” said Molester.

When Joshua Halata was called in connection with the matter, he declined comment. “What is it that you want from my family? We have problems as a family that is why we are looking for a traditional healer,” he said. Molester’s sister confirmed the incident. “At our homestead there is a goblin and my father has called other family members to intervene and help before it kills us,” she said.

Source : B Metro

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