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what happened to Slik Talk?

Since his pummelling at the hands of rapper and entrepreneur Cassper Nyovest last week, social media users have noticed how YouTube troll Slik Talk has been uncharacteristically quiet.

@kayTT28 tweeted: “People spoke about how Cassper Nyovest will be making slik talk big and certifying him, his the biggest winner in that fight not Cass, ah y all really believe ur stupid conspiracies 😂😂😂 where is slik talk cause I know where Cass is? Trending as always!”

Slik Talk hasn’t posted a YouTube video since the morning after his fight with Cassper, which marks a rare period of silence for the YouTuber.

In his last video, Slik Talk confirmed that he’d been paid his R100K by Cassper and his team and thanked them for their professionalism.

He ended that particular video off by reassuring his haters that he wouldn’t change his style and he’d continue to be a menace.

“For those thinking that my channel from now on is gonna be a sunshine and rainbows channel, get the f**k out of here. If you’re thinking Slik Talk is going to humble himself, get the f**k out of here.”

Perhaps he’s gone back to the drawing board and is mapping out his troll content for 2022. Or maybe he’s just enjoying the festive season with his family and blowing his money.

Regardless of where he’s disappeared off to, Cassper is still reminding people on social media that he knocked Slik Talk out.

just this morning, Cassper Tweeted, “Don’t forget, the biggest cyber bully Slik talk was knocked out on camera by Cassper Nyovest this year.”

We haven’t forgotten, Cass!


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