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Big Brother Mzansi

By Failing To Prepare, You Prepare To Lose #BBMzansi

Those that have stood up in front of an audience and had to present know that one of the keys to delivering a great presentation or performance is by preparing. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail and this is exactly what we saw happen in Biggie’s house during the Wager Task.

The Big Brother Housemates knew that they had a Wager Task coming up but most of the time they looked unbothered. Their attitude spelt, andizi and angizingeni! From where we were standing, they underestimated the Wager Task.

There was a time when thy postponed rehearsal, and when they did give it a shot there was no enthusiasm or determination. More than once we witnessed them chit-chatting and fooling around. For a moment even we mistook Biggie’s House for a resort.

More often than not, instead of rehearsing, people opted to relax, gossip and unwind. They even managed to squeeze in some time to twerk in the Jacuzzi. When it was time to cook, one would swear that they were preparing to feed an entire army. They didn’t foresee hard times coming.

During the Wager Task things suddenly got real. There was a build-up of stress and anxiety. Dinkybliss went off script and completely threw everyone off with her elaborate acting. The man of the House, Biggie, was not impressed by their Wager Task presentation and informed them that they had lost the Wager.

source – bigbrothermzansi

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