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Bushiri in another shameful scandal




The so called Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) who has earned himself a reputation as a man of God with succinct prophecies yet has attracted controversies to himself ranging from se_x scandals to lies has been caught in another storm once again. Information that The HeadBoy News has indicates that the flamboyant prophet who not long ago made a ridiculous claim that he had been blessed with a private jet which has never been seen by anybody has been lying to the media that he has been chosen chair of an organisation called AFFRICI.

Information on one online newspaper indicated that Bushiri had been elected the President of the said organisation which is said to be a gathering of religious leaders in Africa that aspire to assist in development.




However, sources have confided to The HeadBoy News that the claims are like that of the jet and are mere attempts by the boastful man of God to publicly raise his image.“There is no such an organisation like the AFFRICI” said a source close to the prophet who acknowledged being a part of the team that cooked the story. “That is just written to sell the brand of the prophet.”

A search by The HeadBoy News on the internet revealed that the organisation has no presence on the web further casting doubts if it exists.One person who commented on the issue declared that Bushiri was a liar who was seeking vain glory and had therefore used his PR team to create a fabricated story so as to appear influential in Africa.

“A simple google search will display the vanity of this self-glorifying exercise by the conman, this Naava quoted has a beautiful record as a conwoman. Simply type in the search box, AFRRICI and see the results,” commented one person on a post that was shared on Facebook about the prophet being appointed the President of the non-existent organisation.

When a Malawian online publication went to search for Catherine Naava Nabagesera who was quoted in the story as affirming Bushiri’s appointment it discovered that she is alleged as one of the extortionists in Uganda who hides behind the name of God as Bushiri himself.

Further contrary to the article Naava Nabagesera is not an advisor of Museveni on religious affairs as it was claimed in the PR stunt by the prophet who was in the courts for denying responsibility of a baby who resembled him and the public concluded was his.

“The article was cooked by us, we just submitted it to the media house and there was no verification of it or whatsoever. There is no truth in it and that is our PR job,” said one of Bushiri’s trusted press man who opted for anonymity.

When the prophet was put on the spot over the issue he threatened our reporter with legal action if this story was to see the light of day.

The prophet currently has been under fire on social media after a Malawi news network report claimed he had alleged that Malawi president Peter Mutharika is a Satanist and is making the country poor as God’s punishment. Below is a link of a video of how the shameful man makes his money as he claims to be a businessman,(he sell “annointed oil”

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