Bulawayo woman who drugged 14 year old and forced him to have un_protected se_x flees


A Bulawayo woman who allegedly drugged a 14-year-old Form Two boy at a local high school and had se_x with him without protection is on the run.

This came to light after Patience Mabhena (31) from Kingsdale was issued with a warrant of arrest by Bulawayo magistrate Tawanda Muchemwa after she failed to turn up in court to face charges of having se_xual intercourse with a minor.

Mabhena, who is denying the charges claiming that before the se_x act the boy had lied to her that he was 19 years old, was out of custody on $100 bail.

Reports are that on 27 August at around mid-day the boy in the company of his friend proceeded to Number 1 Portiguiter Road to see his cousin.


It is reported that upon arrival, he found him in the company of his friends and Mabhena drinking beer.

It is alleged that Mabhena in a desperate bid to get the unsuspecting boy into having se_xual intercourse with her, gave him beer until he got drunk.

Seeing that the boy was then under Dutch courage, Mabhena reportedly instructed him to go into his cousin’s bedroom to take a nap before she followed him.

It is further reported that when she got into the bedroom, Mabhena found the boy sitting on a sofa. She reportedly held him by his hands before they started kissing.

After locking lips, Mabhena asked the boy to go outside to fetch some water while she went to the bathroom.

After some time, Mabhena called the boy back into the bedroom where they started caressing each other.

Realising that the underage boy was now turned on, Mabhena reportedly spread a towel on the floor and told him to lie down facing upwards.

The boy complied and the two reportedly had se_xual intercourse without protection.

It is alleged that after about five minutes of steamy lovemaking, the boy reportedly started complaining that he was no longer interested leading Mabhena to stop her acts.

After the act the boy told his friend who advised him not to tell his parents.

The matter later came to light after the boy’s mother caught wind of the se_xual experience leading her to report the matter to the police.

A report was filed at Queens Park Police Station leading to Mabhena’s arrest.