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Zimbabwe News

Bulawayo Polytechnic bans mini skirt and revealing clothes in new dress code

The Bulawayo Polytechnic has published a controversial new dress code which appears to target female students wearing skimpy or revealing clothing.

Students will be barred from lecture rooms for wearing clothes which are tight-fitting or reveal cleavage, the college said in a notice seen by ZimLive.

“The institution’s mandate is to train and groom professionals for commerce and industry…,” a November 15 memo signed by Chiedza Masanganise, the polytechnic’s principal, stated.

Those judged to be “inappropriately dressed” will be blocked from accessing the school’s facilities and attending lectures, he added.

The new regulations ban skirts or dresses that are more than 5 centimeters above the knees; string tops or dresses; biker and bum shorts; clothing that reveals cleavage; does not cover the shoulders and stomach; is short, tight-fitting, ripped, sleeveless or see-through.

Head gear is banned for male students except on religious grounds. Also banned is “dropping of trousers” or shorts, and slippers.

The dress code has sparked some disquiet among students.

“We are all adults who, in terms of the constitution, are allowed freedom of expression and other freedoms and I feel that this new development is violating our basic human rights,” said one student, speaking on condition they were not named.

The Bulawayo Polytechnic’s students representative council said: “We are never in support of anything that is against the freedom of the students.”

In other news – VP Chiwenga to testify against Mary Mubaiwa on murder attempt

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga is set to testify in a case where his ex-wife Marry Mubaiwa is accused of attempting to kill him in South Africa two years ago.

Mubaiwa, who is being represented by Beatrice Mtetwa was remanded to today for trial.

She faces several charges that include money-laundering, and trying to fraudulently upgrade her marriage without Chiwenga’s knowledge. Learn More

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