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Bulawayo men are stingy




Bulawayo men are said to have developed cold fingers as they do not want to dip into their pockets and tip striptease dancers at Private Lounge. Private Lounge opened two weeks ago offering se_xtainment for many men in Bulawayo who thronged the nightspot. Observations by Sunday Life last week revealed that many sit on the pay per view seats (those at the stage) and only watch and ogle at the dancers and very few tip them.

One of the pioneers of striptease, Zoey Sifelani — the self proclaimed queen of the pole said when patrons do not tip her she feels bad.

“If I don’t get tipped I’ll be thinking that I’ll be doing something wrong on stage. It’s very discouraging and disheartening.

They should at least tip with a dollar when they see the girls on stage so as to encourage them,” said Zoey.

The pioneer of striptease, however, said when she was performing in Bulawayo last week some people tipped her some substantial amounts of money.

“When I was on stage I made some money. I can’t reveal how much but the Bulawayo crowd tipped me. For some maybe it’s a matter of preference as they might have their favourite dancers and would rather tip them,” said Zoey.

However, her Bulawayo counterparts have little joy as strippers, who spoke to Sunday Life on condition of anonymity, said they wanted to make people in the club enjoy but that takes them to tip.

“Tipping generously and showing genuine interest in a particular dancer is only going to help you. Some of us consider our work a type of art form, and get mad when our hard work is not being appreciated. It is no secret that you’re supposed to tip more than standard when you enjoy the show,” said the stripper.

She said if people are not prepared to tip they should go home.

“We’re just like a hairdresser or any other service provider — stay home if you don’t want to tip. If you appreciate what you see, drop a couple of dollars on stage. I’m not saying to tip every one of us, but tip your favorite. It’s good to be tipped and we really do appreciate it,” said the stripper.

“Some of them are sitting in what is considered to be the best seat in the house. If you’re sitting there and not tipping, you’re taking up valuable space,” she added.

Another one who is well known to use se_x toys said they put a lot of effort in preparing to be on stage.

“When you’re working so hard, wearing four inch heels for six hours into the wee hours of the morning, getting nak3d for strangers, you expect that some men at least tip you. We spend so much time on makeup, shaving, whatever we think it takes to be attractive to customers and when we do all of that and then go home with $3 it is discouraging,” said the stripper.

Another observation is that some would want to sit in the VIP and want lap dances but do not tip the dancers when they come there.





According to these are the tips for patrons when they walk into a strip club.

1. You know all the coy, flirting stuff you learned to c0ax the woman of your liking into noticing you? It won’t work inside the hallowed flesh halls. The point of tipping is to pay them to look at you. To keep them nak3d. To keep them close by. Looking bashful won’t get you far.

2. Find a table near the stage, but don’t be too eager. There’s a 100 percent guarantee there’s going to be nak3d people. Relax.

3. Don’t tip the person on the main stage unless you want them to notice you and come over. Tip for lap dances and personal services.

4. Begin tipping in small increments. Most use $1 bills, but if you’re feeling especially lucky, break out Mr. Jackson. The nak3d ones only stay as long as there’s money. Don’t blow your wad all at once.

5. Where do you stick it? Sometimes there’s an obvious band or crack. But don’t touch. While a stripper is free to take the initiative, frisky fingers will get you thrown out.

6. If you’re at the rack, give at least $1 per song. Think of a seat at the rack as a “pay-per-view” scenario: you pay, then you get to view. Once you run out of tip money or if you are uninterested in the dancer before you, it is not only polite, but required, that you vacate your seat so someone else who wants to tip the dancers can take your place. Consider how you would feel if someone came into your place of work but refused to pay for your services.

7. Remember: No matter how much money you spend, leave your feelings at the door. They don’t want you.

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