Bulawayo man claims he has been instructed to kill 11 000 Zimbabweans


BULAWAYO – A video recording has surfaced showing a Bulawayo man bizarrely claim that he has been instructed to kill 11 000 Zimbabweans.


Abdullah Ncube, who once claimed to be the real Jesus Christ, boldly declares in the video that he is going to use “Umklampunzi” to kill 11 000 people

Umklampunzi is a tree whose branches are so strong they don’t easily break and are often used when caning (corporal punishment), usually to discipline children). Ncube also states rather ironically that everyone in Zimbabwe is ‘confused’ except him.

On Tuesday Abdullah Ncube caused a stir at the Chronicle building in Bulawayo after he threatened to “kill all journalists”. He was angered by a story published by the paper claiming he fled for his life on Sunday evening at Nkulumane’s Sekusile Shopping Centre when a mob tied to attack him.