Bulawayo man buys house hangs self in friend’s toilet for unclear reasons.


A man from Bulawayo committed suicide by hanging himself in his friend’s toilet for unclear reasons.

Jotham Mhlanga (55), a divorcee, visited his friend Mr Albert Phiri who stays in Iminyela Suburb Flats on Monday night to announce that he had bought a house nearby.

He went to the toilet and never returned.



Mr Phiri’s sister became suspicious at around 4AM when Mhlanga delayed coming out of the toilet.

“I eventually woke up as my sister desperately wanted to use the toilet. I opened the toilet door only to find my friend hanging and he was already dead by then,” said the emotional Mr Phiri.

THE police found a message in Mhlanga’s phone saying he had tried to commit suicide several times.

Mr Phiri said he was still disturbed as Mhlanga had not showed signs of distress the day they retired to bed after supper