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Brother stabs sister for refusing to join church




A Harare man stabbed his sister with a knife and broke her arm as punishment for refusing to join his church, the Civil Court heard yesterday.

Sofia Marovha claimed her brother Tafirenyika was violent towards her and other siblings. She was seeking a protection order against Tafirenyika whom she accused of chasing her and their siblings from their late parents’ house where they are both staying.

“My brother is very abusive and at one point he stabbed me with a knife and broke my arm while accusing me of refusing to attend his church,” she said.

Marovha told magistrate Mrs Barbra Mateko that Tafirenyika was also chasing her and their siblings out of the house over the church issue.

“We are having problems with my brother at our late parents’ house because he claims to be the owner since he is the first born child,” Marovha said.

Marovha told the court that Tafirenyika always boasts that he is connected to the police and will never be arrested.

“I want this honourable court to protect me and my siblings against my brother as he is in the habit of physically and verbally abusing us,” she said.

Tafirenyika denied the allegations saying he only physically abused his sister once.

“I dispute all her accusations because I am not in any way breaching her peace, neither am I abusing my other siblings,” he said.

Mrs Mateko granted the order in Marovha’s favour which barred Tafirenyika from verbally or physically abusing her.

She also ordered Tafirenyika not to chase Marovha or any of their siblings out of the house saying they share the same rights over the house


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