BREAKING : Form 2 Silveria student commits suicide in the dormitory


Pupils and staff at Silveira Mission school in Masvingo were shaken to the core when the body of a form two student who committed suicide was found in the dormitory.

This happened with schools only left with three days before they close for the holidays which makes it more heartbreaking and puzzling.The victim was found hanging by his tie on a beam from the roof. It is believed he climbed on one of the bunk beds in the dormitories before making the fatal jump.

Currently the circumstances behind the suicide are unclear but police with the cooperation of the students and staff have opened an investigation into the matter. Sources however say that the teenager was a victim of bullying.

The was a lot of hysteria and pandemonium from the students when the body was found such that the staff had to clear everyone out after being summoned.The friends of the 14 year old are believed to have suffered an emotional breakdown after seeing their buddy’s lifeless body.



The scourge of bullying is not new in educational institutions. A couple of years ago, a student at Benard Mizeki College died in the same manner under mysterious circumstances while one student was severely assaulted at Chaplin High School as a result of bullying. The deceased, whose name is being witheld at the moment is believed to have caved in under the burden of bullied on a daily basis by the other students.

The staff is also concerned that this latest tragedy will give the school a very bad reputation as parents might feel their kids are no longer in good hands at the school. The ministry of Education will no doubt put the school under the third degree as they make their own investigations.

No official statement has been released yet from the police or the school.