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Zimbabwe News

Bouncers Sanyangore and Kumunda have been remanded in custody to January 3

The two violent bouncers, Gideon Sanyangore and Blessing Kumunda, who caused chaos at various joints in Harare on Boxing Day will cross over into the New Year behind bars after the state rolled over their matter to next Tuesday.

Luck ran out for the notorious duo after they were arrested on Thursday and it gets even worse as they will get into the New Year behind bars after the matter was rolled over to the 3rd of next month.

The state alleges that on 26th of December Gideon Sanyangore and Blessing Kumunda were drinking beer at a night club in Borrowdale, Harare when they were approached by private security guards who were manning the premises notifying them that it was time to close the joint.

The court heard that Sanyangore and Kumunda resisted and started pushing the security guards out of the night club.

It is alleged that when they were out of the night club, the co-accused assaulted the private security guards, while Kumunda pulled a knife and tried to stab them.

The bouncers were arrested on Thursday after video clips on their alleged violent behaviour went viral on social media.

In other news – Chillspot DJ Levels fails to show up for an interview on Star FM

Renowned music producer DJ Levels failed to show up for a scheduled live with Dj Ollah on Star FM which was set to start at 19:00 hrs today.

DJ Levels

Levels is currently trending after scandals of leaked tapes on social media. Reason why he did not show up is yet to be known. Learn More

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