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Barren woman drags neighbours to court for mocking her




A Harare woman Marjory Machingura got fed up with her neighbours for constantly mocking her for her bareness sought a peace from the courts.court

However, Machingura had her application dismissed due to lack of evidence.

She failed to prove that Patience Mpala, Shingirai Mutungo, Lydia Mapfumo and Fungai Kasauro had mocked her as she claimed.

According to H-Metro Marjory said the quartet would gang up and wait for her by the gate when she will be returning from work.

“I see them standing by the gate when I will be coming back from work.

“They laugh at me saying I am barren. As you can see I am now old and I do not have any children.

“Is it my fault that I cannot bear children? They have been insulting me for three years now and I have always kept quiet. They label my clothes as dollar for two clothes. They are always laughing at me and I have had enough,” she said.

The four denied the allegations saying it was Marjory who has a problem.

“Everyone in the neighbourhood is afraid of her because she has a problem. She does not want to see our children playing. If a ball enters her yard she shouts at everyone like it is a crime,” Patience said.

Fungai Said: “I have since moved from that house because of her. I was surprised to see summons that said I was wanted at court. I have never laughed at her or mocked her like she claims.

Magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza dismissed the matter citing that Marjory had failed to prove a case against the four as she could not bring any witnesses to corroborate her story.

“You cannot tell me that you have no witness. You said this has been happening for three years so it is strange to say no one has heard you being mocked. The matter is therefore dismissed.”

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