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Baba Tencen Fires Back At Gringo




Comedian Baba Tencen has been infuriated by the criticism leveled at him by veteran actor, Gringo.

Gringo attacked Baba Tencen saying his skits were amateurish. He also slated him for thinking that having mavende made him a comedian.

Baba Tencen, initially said he would not stoop so low as to hit back at Gringo. But then he could not hold back as he interacted with his fans on social media.



“You will never see me attacking people in the papers. I do my stuff on my own, so today you talk of talking with someone privately, what stopped him from engaging me?
I don’t go around attacking people. I do my stuff and make a living out of it, but then noone controls how I should do that. Am not waiting for some government to do something for me,” he said.

One fan told him : “I think it would have been better if you had approached him privately and helped him without this drama. He is a fool, but you do not need to correct a fool by being foolish yourself. In this industry money making and popularity is perennial, and tomorrow ndiwewo.

But mukabata all artists you go far. I think what made you famous was not
necessarily your comedy or mavende, but the assumption that you came across as nice and innocent and to an extent naive. But the stance that you are increasingly taking, I really wonder whether you will survive in the industry
that long. We will be watching from the sidelines zvedu.

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