Attention – Cross Border Association on King Lion Bus


Attention 21 June 2017 To all Cross Border Traders and Shoppers; Please be advised that the association have downgraded King Lion Bus company.

Therefore all Cross Border Traders and Shoppers are advised not to board King Lion buses till further notice. King Lion Buses killed 60 people in a period between 2014-2017. Anyone who board those buses can do it at their own risk.

Our Insurance will not pay anyone who get involved in an accident on King Lion Buses. The company have failed to; -Ensure public safety, -Make a public statement sympathizing with the victims, -Co-operate with Association and Authorities, -Meet our minimum safety requirements.


Don’t use King Lion Buses locally and cross border. Anyone found in King Lion Buses shall result in him/her losing their membership. If you see any bus speeding or staff misbehaving, contact ICTA as soon as possible.

All buses are required to have a “how is my driving” sticker, attached with ICTA phone numbers.

Travel safely!

Denis Juru
International Cross Border Traders Association
App:+27 623 966 158