Ammara Brown pays tribute to late dad


Musician Ammara Brown, who was in Bulawayo atthe weekend, said Father’s Day reminded her of her late dad, Andy Brown’s words of
encouragement when she told him she was pregnant.

Ammara, who performed at Club Eden on Friday where she gave a ×ve star performance, said while most parents feel disappointed when they
discover that their daughters have fallen pregnant at an early age, for her it was a different story.

She said instead of getting a scolding from Andy, who died in 2012, he was very supportive.
“When I fell pregnant, I was crying because I felt like I’d disappointed everyone as I was only 22 years old. However, my father said, ‘Stop crying
Mara. You’re going to be an amazing mother,” said Ammara.

She said this made her feel special adding that she still cherishes her father, years after his death.
“It reminds me that my father knew who I truly was at heart, a nurturer. He always insisted that no one knew his children more than he did.
“That’s why he never showed up at parent-teacher conferences,” said a proud Ammara.
As a tribute to her late father, during the show in Bulawayo, Ammara sang one of his hits Mawere Kongonya, much to the delight of the crowd.

The Mukoko singer, who was in Bulawayo for the third time this year, said she was planning to do a tour of the country adding that her debut album
was on its way.
“This year, I’m ×nally concluding my album and a lot of other exciting stuff. I know those who appreciate my work have been waiting for the album
and I can assure them that it’s coming