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Alick Macheso to sue fellow musician




Alick Macheso has stated he is considering taking legal action against musician Ronnie Mudhindo who accused him of bribing radio DJs to have his songs topping music charts. Speaking on Macheso’s behalf, Orchestra Mberikwazvo manager Tich Makahamadze dismissed Mudhindo’s claims as hogwash and said the allegations are aimed at attacking Macheso’s personality and tarnishing the name of the band.

“I am in possession or that audio which is circulating on social media. Those are unfounded accusations which are aimed at tarnishing Macheso’s name and the name of the band. He has tarnished my name and that of Macheso. I would like to categorically stress that we never paid anyone to have those songs on Top 20 or any music charts that you may think of. We are yet to establish the motive behind Mudhindo’s attack on Orchestra Mberikwazvo,” he said.



We are considering taking legal action against him because his attack is tantamount of defamation. Remember he attacked on our integrity and individuals and as an organization. We area brand and we have a name to protect “. Mudhindo, who is currently staying in South Africa, said the Orchestra Mberikwazvo boss and his management bribe radio DJs to claim top positions on various radio stations music charts. The Orchestra  Vazvamburi leader said, in an audio circulating on social media, some of Macheso’s songs do not deserve places on music charts and they only get their  when the sungura ace bribes radio DJs.

“Songs on the Top 20 music charts are not voted for but artistes pay to have their songs included on the top charts. Today if I go back to Zimbabwe and pay US$300 my songs will be number one for the next six months. There is no voting process that takes place but people pay bribes. Macheso bribed people and he also sends people like Tich Makahamadze to bribe people. There is nothing which is being done fairly. Corruption is taking place and Macheso paid for his place on Top 20,” said Mudhindo.

Mudhindo also said he is planning to return to Zimbabwe where he would also bribe radio personalities to claim position on the music charts. He also said that Franco Slomo failed to make it on the music charts since he failed to raise money to buy his place.

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