65 year old sangoma causes stir after marrying 15 year old girl and sleeping with underage girls


POWER could be best described as “who gets what, when and how”— and the “how” part for a sangoma from uMzingwane district, Matabeleland South, is sleeping with underage girls.

A villager in the area who requested anonymity said the man, 65-year-old inyanga went to Chiredzi in 2012 and brought a then 13-year-old teenage girl and its mother.

He had allegedly promised the mother of the child a job but before long he ditched her and instead, fell in love with the now 15-year-old child.

The inyanga’s family is also not amused by his antics. An insider who requested anonymity said the sangoma would sleep with his daughter who was in Form Two. It is alleged he also impregnated her, a claim he denies.

He sired a daughter who is now two years old with the 15-year-old girl he married after falling out with the mother.

The mother of the teenage mother who doesn’t know when she was born and has no immediate family other than her daughter, opened up to B-Metro.

“He took my daughter and promised me a job but when we got to his place he changed the story. After that he chucked me out of his home and remained with my daughter. He turned her into his wife and impregnated her,” she said.



Seeing that the man was se_xually abusing her daughter she reported the matter at Esigodini Police Station last year.

The man was arrested and released because the police argued that the girl did not have a birth certificate or any identity particular to prove her age. The mother of the girl also does not have identity particulars.

“I don’t have any identity particular and my child has no birth certificate. The police used that to dismiss the case,” she said.

She said she had to forcefully take her daughter away last year as the inyanga was verbally and physically abusing her.

After that he approached the teenager’s mother last week requesting to pay damages for the child he sired with her daughter.

“He now wants to pay damages for the child he has with my baby,” she said.

The inyanga’s current flame is a 16-year-old he got from Gwanda whose history is said to be unknown.

“She’s my wife. I married her last year,” he told B-Metro, adding that it was not against the law to marry a girl below the age of 18.

According to the Constitution of Zimbabwe one cannot marry before turning 18 but they can consent to se_x at the age of 16.

The new wife seems to be proud of being married to the65-year-old.

“I am married to him and I love him so much regardless of the age difference,” she told B-Metro.

Elmon Dlodlo, the headman appealed to Government to intervene in the matter.

“People are complaining about abuse of teenage girls and we are appealing to the authorities to assist the community. Our children are now at risk of being se_xually abused by this man.We reported the matter to police and social welfare,” said Dlodlo.