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Relationship Tips

6 things good men don’t do in a relationship

Not everyone is toxic in a relationship. There are good people who strongly hold a relationship with ethics, values and pure love.

They maturely handle fights and arguments without making the other person feel insignificant, worthless or extremely sad.

These types of people are very considerate in relationships. Let’s have a look at some of the things that good men never do in relationships!

1. He will never comment on your looks
A good man will never pick apart your looks. He will never pull down your self-esteem by saying mean comments. He will only encourage you to accept yourself and be a confident and unapologetic person.

2. He will never invade your privacy
He will never try to cross boundaries and sneak into your private space. He will give you ample time and space. You will notice that he will never glance into your phone, or read your texts or messages. This means he doesn’t feel threatened about you needing your own space.

3. He will never discourage you
A good man will never discourage you from doing something that you really want. They may not support your decision but they will surely respect it. You will never feel discouraged from his side but there will only be words of motivation and encouragement from him.

4, He won’t make you prove your value to him
A good man will know how much you are worth. You won’t feel the need to prove your worth to him because he will value and appreciate you for who you are. The minute you feel you need to prove yourself to him, you should know when to walk away.

5. He will never make you feel like a second option
A good man will never make you feel secondary in a relationship. He will prioritise you the right way and give you importance. He will tend to your needs and wants without you ever feeling insignificant.

6. He will never avoid important discussions
He will never try to dodge or avoid important questions revolving around your relationship. He will always be up for necessary conversations because he will understand the importance of getting a problem between you both resolved.

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