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50-year-old mom amazes netizens with her youthful appearance



A mother from Henan in China has wowed netizens with her toned physique and youthful looks, with many remarking at how young she looks for her age.

Ye Wen has been hitting the gym ever since she discovered swimming at age 30, Sina reports.

Ye goes for daily swims and in March she swam across the Straits of Malacca, a narrow stretch of water which separates Malay Peninsula from Sumatra. Her next goal is to cross the Han River in South Korea.

In addition to a strict swimming regime, she visits the gym two to three times each week, spending on average two hours working out.

Ye says she was slim and graceful at age 30 before she beginning her training, but netizens believe on the basis of this before and after that she looks far more vibrant and healthy at 50.


Speaking to reporters, Ye said her dream was to continue wearing a bikini and swim until she is 80.

Ye is not the only beauty to age well and receive praise from Chinese state media. In February a grandmother became an online celebrity after her modelling photos both shocked and seduced netizens.

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