5 months pregnant woman brings lover into matrimonial bedroom whilst hubby was watering garden


A Buhera man who is an early bird was shocked to catch his five-month pregnant wife in the matrimonial bed with his friend barely 30 minutes after he woke to go and water the family garden.

Robert Dutuma woke up at around 330am to go and water his garden and left his wife asleep in bed. He however, returned home 30 minutes later after realising that he had forgotten a watering can.


Dutuma of Hadzizi Village headed straight into his bedroom and lit up a candle. He was shocked to find his wife Rutendo Jayaguru and friend Masimba Ngocheni having se_x in his matrimonial bed.
Dutuma just locked the door and went and called neighbors to come and witness the incident. The matter was reported at Usunga Base Police Station and was heard by headman Mabvuregudo.

Headman Mabvuregudo confirmed the case when contacted by The Mirror this week and added that he had ordered the accused to pay five beasts as damages. Ngocheni has since paid two of the beasts.

The case happened three weeks ago.

The puzzle that now preoccupies villagers is that the wife is claiming that she is not sure who of the two is responsible for her pregnancy.