16-year-old boy killed himself after his mother told him off for being int!mate with his girlfriend


This is Jimmy Chivende, a 16-year-old Gweru boy who killed himself after his mother told him off for being intimate with his girlfriend.

Jimmy who was HIV positive jumped to his death from a 30-metre high Gweru City Council water reservoir.  Acting Midlands province police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende confirmed Jimmy’s death.

The body of the boy, who was in Form Four at a local school, was discovered on Sunday morning.


“Police in Gweru are investigating a case of sudden death by suicide where a 16-year-old male died after throwing himself off a 30m high water reservoir tank. The incident occurred on April 8 at about 11.30PM. Circumstances are that the deceased was rebuked for allegedly indulging in sexual activity by his mother Constance Chivende at about 7PM on the same date,” she said.

Mrs Chivende (43), his mother, in her affidavit said she suspected no foul play.
“I’m the mother of the deceased who committed suicide after he left home saying he wanted to visit the toilet. I was then advised about the incident after he was seen by passers-by as he was lying on the ground dead. However, I don’t suspect any foul play surrounding the death of my son since I had reproached him for sexual activities and I suspect this didn’t go down well with him leading to him committing suicide,” she said.