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14 year old girl accused of snatching hubby, panties confisticated




A 14-YEAR-OLD girl had her panties confiscated by an elder woman who is accusing her of having an affair with her husband.court The minor’s mother approached the Civil court seeking a peace order on behalf of her daughter as she claims that the girl is living in constant fear.

“My daughter is living in fear because of this woman. She assaulted her accusing her of having an affair with her husband. My daughter is now scared of leaving the house and its becoming worrisome.

“I once sent her to the shops and this woman hid in the maize and attacked her. She also insulted her calling her a prostitute.

“This woman also took my daughter’s pant and she told me she was going to take it to a witch doctor. She threatened to kill my daughter and it is scaring her. Your worship you should help me because my daughter’s life is now ruined because of this woman.

“We have even moved out of the house we were renting and moved into my parents’ house. Your worship you have to help us because this woman is making my daughter’s life miserable, she said.

Immaculate Zenda did not deny assaulting the girl and justified her actions saying: “Indeed I assaulted her but it was because she came to my house looking for my husband. When I got out of the house she tried to run away. When I caught her I dragged her to her mother’s house and I assaulted her in her mother’s presence.”

“I deny taking her pant or threatening to harm her using charms. I do not object to the peace order being granted.

Magistrate Barbra Mateko ordered Immaculate not to physically or verbally abuse the girl.

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