12 year old Pastor charms councillors – he received a wild round of applause from the councilors and officials.


A 12-year-old evangelist last Thursday charmed councilors and officials who attended a Harare City full council meeting. Each council meeting is preceded with a word of prayer from different denominations and Evangelist Benoni Ethan Mutukura from Seventh Day Adventist had been selected. When Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni told the councilors that the day’s preacher was a 12-year-old evangelist, most councilors expressed shock.

But from the moment Evangelist Mutukura started preaching about the ‘cross’, councilors and officials could be seen paying attention as he delivered a sermon, which will for a long time be remembered in council history. The young evangelist despite speaking in a full council chamber for the first time, proved that indeed he was called to the ministry by God as he never showed any signs of stage fright.

small boy preaching


And up to the moment he finished his preaching and prayed, he had the full attention of councilors and officials. After Evangelist Mutukura finished his sermon, Mayor Mnyenyeni revealed too that he had been surprised when he got to be the young Evangelist Mutukura. “I was also surprised because even pavauya;because I was more focused on him (Benoni’s father) thinking he would be today’s preacher,” said Mayor Manyenyeni.

When he finished his sermon, Evangelist Mutukura received a wild round of applause from the councilors and officials. And when he got out to leave, some council officials followed him and is dad as they hugged and praised him for his work and they wished him well. Evangelist Mutukura’s dad, Evangelist Justice Mutukura said his son has been in the ministry for five years, adding that he supports him as he believes evangelism is his calling.