12 year old girl drags 2 men to court for r#ping her at different circumstances


A 12-year-old girl from Chivhu has sent tongues wagging in the small transit town when one man after another appeared in court for r#ping her at different times and under different circumstances.

A taxi driver, William Matimba was sentenced to 19 years in prison three weeks ago after being convicted on several counts of r#ping the girl inside his taxi.

Before the dust had settled on the matter, Prince Shonhiwa (24) was brought to court last week facing charges of r#ping the same girl.

The girl who was doing form one at Dewure High School in Gutu has since stopped going to school because she was pregnant and gave birth a few weeks ago. The father of the baby is not yet known since she was sleeping with two different men.

The taxi driver who r#ped her was her father’s employee.

The court however, heard that although the girl was allegedly r#ped by Shoniwa, she had consensual s#x with him on the second occasion.On the first count, in November 2014 at around 1pm the two met in Chivhu town and drove to Highview location.

Along the way Shonhiwa proposed love to the complainant and the complainant accepted.In October 2015 the two met at Goodhope Primary School and walked into the bush where Shonhiwa pulled up the complainant’s school uniform but the complainant tried to stop him but he did not.

Shonhiwa went on to lay on the complainant and told her that he wanted to have se-xual intercourse with her but the complainant did not say anything.He had se_xual intercourse without the complainants’s consent and he threatened to kill her if she disclosed the matter to anyone.

On the second count in November 2015 the two had se_xual intercourse on the vehicle’s seat along Chivhu town cemetery road.The matter came into light in March when the complainant’s mother discovered that her daughter was pregnant. The matter was then reported to Chivhu Police Station