What we know so far about President Mugabe’s Alleged ‘DEATH’


The longest ruling president. The president of Zimbabwe, the 92-year-old president, Robert Gabriel Mugabe was late last night reported to be dead / or fighting for his life at a Dubai hospital in the United Arab Emirates. We have been trying to find out what really happened from the statehouse but no one is ready to talk at this moment.

While the sentiments of Cde Charamba ring true to some degree – Robert Mugabe is always reported dead at least once every three weeks or so – leading to Charamba describing his death as a default explanation for any absence.

But, events surrounding this most recent trip have given this leg of rumours much more weight than before. Here is what we know so far.

  • Robert Mugabe is at this point presumed to be alive. Rumours of his death are far fetched.
  • However, his health has taken a horrible turn and the President is generally not well.
  • When Mugabe attended the agricultural show, he nearly stumbled twice, and wore morning shoes with a suit.
  • He left Zimbabwe for the SADC Summit, where he nearly collapsed a few times. Doctors suspected it was exhaustion as he had just travelled from Kenya for the TICAD summit.
    It was decided that he would return home early from the summit, to rest.
  • His condition worsened upon arrival in Zimbabwe on Tuesday evening.
  • It was decided that his situation was almost critical and he was to be flown to Singapore for treatment even though he does have Singapore doctors who had flown in 3 weeks ago to provide first hand care.
  • While flying to Singapore on Wednesday, his condition worsened prompting a decision to be made to re-route to Dubai and provide urgent treatment. Flight data shows Mugabe’s flight performing a sharp turn from its Singapore route to UAE.
  • Reports that the Dubai stop was scheduled are improbable.
  • Sources claim that SADC leaders were told that Robert Mugabe was stepping down due to ill health yesterday, and that Emmerson Mnangagwa would lead a transitional government with Mugabe’s wife as Vice President.

Some Zimbabweans seem to be rejoicing that something is wrong with the old man as this picture went viral today….

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