My wife is a witch – I caught her putting MUTHI on my father’s bed


A CITY man says his wife is a witch who has caused serious problems in their family.

Munyaradzi Chukumbu alleged that his wife Beaha Gadaga abuses his entire family through witchcraft whereby his relatives are abused by having se_x with spiritual women.

This woman has caused serious problems in my family. My brothers are experiencing some spiritual se_x whereby they would just dream having se_x with unknown people.


“There are some mysterious sounds that will be heard from the ceiling during the night and at some point she was seen putting some charms on Munyaradzi’s father’s bed.

“Even if I try to do some projects to earn a living she would use her witchcraft powers to disturb the business and she would go around the community boasting about it,” he said.

He added that when he tried to look for help from pastors and prophets concerning the matter but Beaha and her relatives were ignorant about the whole matter and they did not comply.

“At one point she started making some strange sounds like a bull and everyone who was in the house witnessed it.

“I loved my wife but what infuriated me is that she is not even bothered by the situation and her relatives did not even try to help us fight against these spiritual problems.

“I tried to look for help from pastors and other people but it did not work because she did not comply so we separated and she went to stay with her parents together with the children,” he said.



Munyaradzi revealed this at the civil court when he was opposing Beaha’s application for protection order against him.

In response, Beaha disputed her husband’s version.

“I am opposed to what he is saying because he is lying.

“My husband was training as a pastor and he dropped the course and he started looking for prophets and traditional healers who came to the house and started burning snakes and other things in the name of cleansing the family and they would make noise disturbing the entire neighbourhood.

“I refused to be involved in their cleansing process because I am a Christian so I advised him to seek for divine help that is when he called my aunt and told her to take me to my maternal home so that they would cleanse their home in my absence.

“My aunt and I were chased like dogs at home by my husband and his relatives calling me a witch.” she said.

Beaha further told the court that Munyaradzi always assault her and insult her in the presence of their children.

“Your worship this man always beats me up in the presence of the children and he insults me.

“I want to stay at our matrimonial property but he took another woman from the church and since then he started abusing me chasing me away from home so i need to be protected against him,” she said.

Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda who was handling the matter postponed the matter to today for ruling.

Source-H Metro