Zim Celebs | Makuhwa - Page 16
15 C
Harare, Zimbabwe
Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Hosiah Chipanga

Hosiah Chipanga’s new album GAMBA selling like hot cakes in cold winter morning

Zimbabwe's Leading music distributor Metro Studios has said musician Hosiah Chipanga’s latest album, Gamba, has proved to be a fast seller, with all the copies...
Pinky minaj

Up close and personal with Pinkie Minaj

It’s quite an honour making a contribution in this column in my own capacity as Pinkie Minaj, a st_ripper and founder of Midnight Angels. I...
Cindy Munyavi

Cindy Munyavi ROCKS in New Pictures

Cindy Munyavi ROCKS in New Pictures.... She shared on her instagram.... Tell us what you think.... Thank you danisile for the make up...a lil poda...

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