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Businessman Wicknell Chivayo – Stop Praying and start working

Businessman Wicknell Chivayo has told Christians that prayer alone will not put food on the table.     I say do not replace laziness with prayer....If you...

Pokello -I’m Blessed To have a Loving Husband Like You #Elikemkumordzie

This man I fell in love with him in one week that only the 2 of us shared the whole room to ourselves. And it's...

Ammara Brown pays tribute to late dad

Musician Ammara Brown, who was in Bulawayo atthe weekend, said Father’s Day reminded her of her late dad, Andy Brown’s words of encouragement when she...
andy Muridzo

Andy Muridzo -We’ve come a long way Zvakawoma Kudaro

Andy Muridzo -We've come a long way Zvakawoma Kudaro ,baba keketso vachitiratidza kuti kwavabva kure and zvakawoma kudaro he made it and now he...

Muridzo and Bev to reunite on stage after loosing their child through miscarriage

MUSICIAN Andy Muridzo and dancer Beverly Sibanda will this Thursday share the stage at Ice & Fire Pamuzinda barely a week after losing a...
Beverly Sibanda

Bev Sibanda suffers miscarriage – Andy wants nothing to do with it

Seductive dancer Beverly Sibanda claims she suffered a miscarriage on Sunday with her manager Hapaz Mapimhidze saying his artiste is recovering well at home. The...

Candy Chahwanda is tearfully trying to win back Killer T

This is Candy Chahwanda who is tearfully trying to woo back Killer T. She says she regrets double crossing Killer T with another guy, leading...

LADY STORM in nasty bar brawl involving another woman

Exciting dancer and musician, Lady Storm, was caught up in a nasty brawl involving another woman outside a popular Harare bar on Wednesday night. The...

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